Friday, July 16, 2010

Things I Like: Salad Spinners

This is my simple, cheap Wal-mart salad spinner. I've only had it for about a year but I have really come to love this little thing! Currently I'm using it to:
Spin the water off my yummy raspberries after they are washed!

I love how these things really get most of the moisture off so you don't have a soggy pile of berries, spinach, lettuce, etc. Obviously it's not a necessity, but it does such a good job and they are so cheap to buy that I think it's worth it if you have space for one. It's easy to clean too- I usually just rinse it off when I'm done and set it in the dish drainer.

There are plenty of fancy-schmancy ones out there that cost up to $50, but my little $5-10 one works just fine, so I can't see any reason to buy a more expensive one. Mine has holes in the bottom where the water drains out and some come with a bowl instead. I guess you just dump the water out of the bowl and then you can serve up a salad in the bowl.

One thing I've done with mine that is a tad out of the ordinary is to spin cooked ground beef in it to get more of the grease out! Weird huh? I just set it on a plate lined with a few paper towels to absorb the grease and gave it a spin. It really does a great job! It's pretty messy to do all the time, but I do this when I'm cooking up a whole bunch of hamburger at once to freeze and use later in various recipes.

One other thing you can use it for is rinsing and draining canned beans that you would be tossing in a salad. It works great!

Anyone else have ideas for what to do with salad spinners?

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  1. You can freeze cooked ground beef?!? I honestly didn't know that! I had a salad spinner once, but mine never worked right...or maybe I was just using it wrong. Sounds like a nifty tool if it works right.


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