Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Make Your Own Rapunzel Hair

This is my little girl with one of her new favorite things- her very own Rapunzel hair! I had fun making this for her and I thought I'd share some tips in case anyone else has a hankering to do one for the princesses in their lives.

Here's how I went about doing it:
  • I found a whole skein of yellow yarn lying around.
  • I set the skein against one wall of my apartment and pulled the yarn out to the farthest place I could go in our apartment which was about 30 feet away. I left the end down there and had my little one step on it to hold it down. 
  • I went back to the skein and cut the yarn off and then pulled out a new one and ran down to the other wall again. I then went back to the skein and cut it off. I did this over and over until the whole skein was gone! (Ok, it kinda took awhile...)
  • I tied off one end of all the yarn pieces to hold them all together and tied that to a door knob.
  • I spread the yarn into 3 even sections and started braiding up at the top by the door knob. (If I'd left it un-braided  it would have been a severely tangled mess in a matter of minutes!) It was so long that after awhile I had to clip off the braided section and go to the other end and UN-braid the stuff that had gotten all tangled. I made sure to keep the 3 sections of yarn separate though.
  • Once I finally made it to the bottom I left some un-braided so my little gal could "comb" it and tied it off just above that. 
The finished length of mine was about 13 feet! I then tied it in a circle that would fit snugly around my little one's head so she could slip it on and off easily:

 Notice in the top picture all the hair things stuck in it? You can have a lot of fun putting all sorts of hair doo-dahs in it- or even make a much shorter version of this and hang it in the bathroom to store hair things on. 

Here's what I would do differently:
  • DON'T make it so long! It was really hard to braid it when it was that long and it took me at least an hour to braid it- if not longer. As long as it still goes clear to the floor most little kids would think they were just like Rapunzel! 
  • Don't make it so thin. This one isn't such a big deal but I think it would look nicer if instead of all that length I'd done it half as long and twice as thick! 
Lastly, just watch out when your little one goes by trailing all that hair! I've tripped over it a few times and my baby doesn't like it when she goes past dragging her hair over him. ( : 


  1. how cool! I really enjoy reading your blog Holly, I hope to see more great ideas soon!

  2. Look at all the awesome things you do as a mom! You are so amazing. What a great idea, and so much fun too.

  3. Thank you!!! My 4 year old has been using long strands of toilet paper as her Rapunzel hair. Not my favorite. This is the perfect solution for us!!!! :)


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