Monday, January 16, 2012

How to Wind Up a Curling Iron Cord- OCD Style!

Want to see the quick way to neatly wrap up the cord of your curling iron? Maybe everyone knows this already...but I used to drive my roommates nuts by doing this and they didn't know how to get it undone. (If any of them ever read this- I'm sorry!) I was a really annoying roommate because I would clean and pick up all the time and they would wander around wondering where all their stuff had gone. Uhhh...I put it away. Sorry! At least they couldn't complain that I never did the dishes. I kept my apartments very neat and clean and even worked for a while cleaning apartments in my complex to earn a bit of extra money. Cuz I'm crazy about having things clean ok?!! ANYWAY....this is how to do up that mangy cord and I'll let you in on how to get it undone again.

Fold the cord in half like so:
Grab the upper part of the handle and hang on to the plug with that hand to keep it up out of the way:
 Then let the cord hang down below like this:
 Now pull that "tail" of cord over close to where your hand is and start wrapping it around the handle. You'll be wrapping it over the very end of the cord that you see running up the length of the handle:
 Keep wrapping:
 Wrap until you get to bottom of the handle but leave a tail like this:
 See the hole left at the bottom where the cord comes out of the iron and starts going up?
 Poke the tail of your cord through that hole and pull it tight.
 Now you can hang your curling iron by that tail loop if you want!
 I can hang mine on this shelf in my bathroom so the baby doesn't get it. You could put up a command hook on the wall or the backside of your cupboard door to hang it easily.
To get it undone, just pop the tail back through that hole and then pull it and the whole thing will quickly unwind. Ta-dah! All credit for this goes to my mother because she's the one that taught me how to do it.

I can do this really fast, even while the iron is still hot because I'm only holding onto the handle. Now you know how to do it and you can be the fastest curling iron cord wrapper-upper in the West! Or North. Or South. And let's not forget South-East....


  1. Ha ha! At least yours thought you were annoying for a GOOD reason. Mine were annoyed at me for playing music too loud, and for never really being home. Yes, I was one of THOSE roomies. :) I promise I am better now though...for my hubby anyway! :)

  2. Yep, I still wind mine up this way... when I actually put them away that is! ;o) Definitely the best way to do it!

    You should have Brett do a guest post on how to wind up an extension cord - it's an art form really.


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