Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Family Home Evening Idea Based on Elder Perry's Conference Address

On Monday for Family Home Evening we did a lesson based on Elder L. Tom Perry's last conference address, The Doctrines and Principles Contained in the Articles of Faith.

The Professor had told me there was a talk on the Articles of Faith in the Priesthood session of conference and I was so excited! We've been working really hard this year to help all the kids in our Primary learn from 7 up to all 13 of the Articles of Faith. So, I did a little sharing time on this talk just this past Sunday to take up the rest of the time after we rehearsed our Primary program. Then I re-used my sharing time as a FHE lesson to give my kids some extra review on it.

(Side note- Is being the Primary president ever going to get any easier? It's been almost a year now and I still feel like I'm losing my mind every day over it! Ugggghhhhh.....)


It's really simple- just taken right from his talk. Just type up on 5 papers the 5 sections Elder Perry said the doctrines could be divided into. Then type up smaller the numbers 1-13 or even a small card with the whole article typed up.

To begin the lesson I briefly related the story Elder Perry told about his class learning the Articles of Faith and earning a party with their teacher. It's an amusing story and worth telling- especially the ending about the police being sent to find them because the Primary president got worried and their older teacher was having a hard time getting back down from the hike they'd gone on! To lead into the game I said this quote from his teacher, "...memorizing the Articles of Faith would mean nothing more than a lot of words unless we understood the doctrines and principles contained in them." 

I told the kids I wanted them to understand the doctrines in the the Articles of Faith a little better so we were going to discuss them and divide them into sections the way his teacher had shown him.

Our game went like this:

I say, "Who knows the first Article of Faith?"

I toss a ball to someone raising their hand. They catch it and recite it for me. (I prompted them to get started as it's challenging to remember which is which.)

 We sometimes had one person recite or sing it, or we all did it together. It's fun to change it up, or help someone out if they forget how it goes.

Then the child who caught the ball comes up to put the paper with "First" on it underneath the correct section with a magnet or tape.

I explained why it belonged in that section and what the title of that section meant. (Aspirational isn't exactly a word most Primary kids know.)

We went through each Article of Faith this way and put them all where they belonged.

Then if you are really cool you have a fancy-schmancy treat that somehow relates to the Articles of Faith to end your FHE. I'm not cool, so I just tossed some homemade frozen cookie dough in the toaster oven to bake everyone a single cookie while we had our lesson. Easy-peasy. (OK, so there weren't enough for me. Sniff. Sniff. Lucky for me I know where I hide the chocolate chips!)

So, this totally wasn't cute or crafty, but it's a good review of the Articles of Faith and a great way to discuss a conference talk!


  1. Such a smart idea to make sure they know the doctrine, as well as the words. What a great FHE activity!

  2. What a great way to integrate GC into your FHE!


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