Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Giveaway! Base 10 Blocks

I have been wanting some blocks to use with my girls when teaching them math concepts. A friend at church said she'd give me some, but I didn't ever hear back from her about it, so I went ahead and bought a set. Then a week or two later she showed up with a huge box of blocks!

So, to share the "harvest" of blocks I wanted to give away a complete set of blocks to someone who'd like to use it with their kids.

Here's the set:

You'll get 1 cube representing 1,000
7 bricks representing 100's (3 are solid, 4 have an open back)
50 sticks representing 10's
150 (I think! I didn't bother counting) blocks representing 1's

You don't need to be a homeschooler, but really, I'd like it to go to a family with children who would really put it to use.

So, to enter the giveaway, post a comment and share something you enjoy about teaching your children. (Again, you don't have to be a homeschooler to enjoy teaching your kids!) I'm not brainy enough to figure out those fancy widget things that randomly select a winner. But I'll try to pull names out of a hat or something. Sound good? 

Comment away! I'll leave this up for a week and then pick a winner. I'll announce the winner and the you can email me with your address.


  1. I've been reading your blog for a few months, now, and I feel terrible that this is the first time I've commented! You follow some of the same blogs I do, and I feel like I relate to you in many ways. Like you, I'm also currently serving as a primary president, as well as homeschooling my 5 kids, who are 8 and younger. It's a good life, but a crazy one! I've appreciated your insights. My favorite post, though, was when you cleaned and organized your church's nursery closet. I love it!! Thanks for letting me stalk your blog! How awesome of you to give away all those base ten blocks. I've seen them online, but am not exactly sure how to use them. Do you find them really helpful in teaching math? If so, I'd love to give them a try, too!

    1. When you start having the kids add 2-digit numbers and when you are trying to explain place value, these are really helpful. Say you want them to add 24 and 36. You show them how 24 is made up of 2 sets of 10. You pull out 2 of the sticks that represent 10. Then explain how the 4 is like 4 of the single blocks. Do the same for 36- show 3 sticks for 10's and 6 single blocks for ones. Then they can add the 10's easily if they know how to count by 10's. Then they add the 6+4- which is another 10.

      It helps them see that 36 isn't a big scary number, just some tens and ones put together. My girls are picking it up really quickly using these as a visual.

  2. I don't need the blocks (I actually already have some...somewhere at school), but I do love them, and I hope you get lots of responses! They are such a good foundation for number sense, adding, subtracting, and the "why" behind it all. I LOVE manipulatives like this, and I see a huge difference at the junior high level between kids who understand this and kids who don't.

  3. I was just going to say that those blocks really bring back memories of elementary school! Right now I feel like the most important thing to teach Shayla is how the world works, the weather, our planet, culture, etc. I also try to make sure she is aware of all the bad in the world too. As much as I can to a 3 year old anyway, but it's what she is so interested in right now. The big "why?" question. I guess that could be my favorite thing to teach my kids right now :)

  4. cool! I would love to get these blocks. The thing I like best about teaching my children is the one-on-one time I get with them. And I think they like that the best also.

  5. I love to teach my kiddos to cook/bake! :) It's great one-on-one time, although it can try my patience!

    ps- I know about your blog via Tara above :)

  6. I home school my kids and have been wanting a set of these, but have never purchased one because there's always something else to buy first!! I have a third grader who just cannot seem to understand place value. I bought a set of place value cards from RightStart that seemed to work. I don't love to teach my kids to read because it tests my patience and reveals all my weaknesses in one fell swoop, but I do love reading to them and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when the little lightbulb comes on and they finally figure out the mechanics of reading!

  7. This would be perfect for teaching my younger sons. My favorite part of teaching my kids is reading to them.


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