Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Seven Year Decorating Project

So a long time ago I lived in a lovely house in Brigham City, Utah. We had it built just for us and were able to pick out a lot of what went into the home. I went through every house plan the architect had until I finally narrowed it down to one, then I re-drew the upstairs completely. I'm THAT picky! Or to put a positive spin on it- I wanted to be organized and efficient and I made our house be just that. ANYWAY...

We only had one child when we moved in. I wanted to have her baby room decorated but it had to be pretty generic and not so cutsey that you couldn't stand to put a little bit older child in there. I figured we'd put babies in that room for years and years, so it would be worthwhile to decorate it that way. (I'm not real big on one gender, themed decorating that will just have to be changed out in a few years. I'm too ferociously practical!)

So, I put together a few ideas for decorating this room and with the help of my much-more-talented-at-decorating sister we planned out what to do.

Then came the best part. We had a family party to decorate the baby room! It was a GIRL party, so 2 of my aunts, my grandmother, my mother and my 4 sisters came to help. I gotta tell you, that was SO MUCH FUN! You really should try it for the next family member who is expecting their first baby. Have a baby room decorating party and celebrate babies and womanhood and have all kinds of girly fun!
 My Grandma and older sister sewing ambitiously.
So, here's how it turned out:

 I love the toile curtains. The fabric is SO cute! I liked having curtains instead of closet doors because we turned the inside of the closet into a changing area.
 Here you get a good view of the darling picket fence we nailed around the room. Isn't it cute? I also love the little birdhouses hanging in the corner and the bits of fabric hanging on clothespins as a window treatment.

Ahh...it was such a cute room. Sadly, our lovely house is long gone to us and I still miss it. Sniff. Sniff.

In our current house I have used most of the stuff from our previous baby room to decorate, so it's somewhat similar. But now I have added something that was always missing in the above baby room. You see the big huge blank wall above the crib? That was meant to hold some darling pictures that my grandmother embroidered, but I never got them framed and put up!

So, FINALLY after all these years I got my very talented brother to make the frames for me as a Christmas present for last Christmas. I bought cheap-o picture frames at the thrift store and saved the glass to use in these frames to protect the embroidery.

Here is the final product:

The photos aren't great, but you'll get the idea...
 The pictures have since been re-hung to be farther up the wall from the baby!

 I made a mistake when I planned this whole thing out. I didn't leave room for a mat around the edge! Gulp. So, I just took bits of fabric that were leftover from decorating the room and stitched it around the pictures. It's a little uneven here and there, but it's the best I could come up with. I think it turned out OK and it saved the project from languishing in a closet any longer.

 My grandmother made this little wall-hanging years ago and it's always been part of the baby room too.

 This one is in the kids' bathroom.

Aren't those darling? I'm so glad we finally get to enjoy them.

Want to know how to get something cute like that on your wall? Well, I don't have a step-by-step for making frames. Sorry. No doubt someone on the internet could tell ya!

All I did for the pictures was trace the pictures out of a vintage coloring book my mom had saved! I just traced them in light pencil or with washable fabric marker. Then I made a copy of each picture from the coloring book and colored over the lines of the picture with colored pencil to indicate which color I wanted where. Then I just sent them over to my grandma and she was happy to do an embroidery project for me. ( :   Someday I'll have to learn to embroider, but I just don't seem to have the patience for hand sewing. Blech.

Anyway, I thought this was so cute and would be fun to share. It really gives the room a special touch and is so meaningful because my grandma stitched the pictures.

Beyond that, I had so much fun when we first decorated my baby room so I wanted to share that idea. Has anyone else ever done a family baby room decorating project?


  1. DARLING!!!! I really like how you used colors that are good for a boy or girl. And those embroidered pictures are priceless.

  2. It all looks absolutely adorable and sweet! And I love embroidered pictures-- they're so happily vintage. :-)

  3. Awww, what a fun flashback! I am so glad you got the art up on the wall! It's so classic.

  4. I love your old nursery and your new one. I think yellow is the perfect color for a nursery. We also did a nursery in our house. Unfortunately, being unused right now, it's turned into a bit of a dumping ground for outgrown clothes. But at least it's a cute dumping ground! I have some framed Mary Engelbreit prints there that I had been saving since high school, and a cross-stitch that I did back when I had more time that my husband framed.


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