Monday, April 14, 2014

A Bunk Bed Sheet Solution

If you've ever tried to make the beds on a bunk bed you know how much of a pain it is. Trying to clamber around on the mattress while simultaneously pulling sheets down around the edges is a real trial of my patience. Trying to get pukey sheets off the bunk bed is even worse!

Then, once you've got the bed made it comes untucked every other day and has to be fixed all over again. My little girls simply can not manage the big mattress and get the sheet tucked under the back side. My oldest has resorted to sleeping on top of her perfectly made bed and just putting a crocheted afghan over herself. Then all she as to do is fold the afghan, but it's sure a waste of nice flannel sheets!

I finally came up with a pretty good solution to solve this problem. I recalled my sister telling me about special bunk bed sheets you could buy that had the top sheet and fitted sheet hooked together somehow- and the whole thing zipped off or something. But those are expensive and the likelihood of finding nice flannel sheets in cute patterns like the girls have is slim.

So, I did the next best thing. I sewed the flat sheet to the fitted sheet along the back and bottom edge. Ta-Dah! Instant fitted sheet. I'll try to show you with a few pictures so you get the idea.

 First I'm showing the top bunk with the extra sheet hanging down. It's really long for some reason. The first thing I did was cut off a bunch of excess, leaving only enough to tuck underneath and sew down.
This shows the mattress from the bottom bunk with the fitted sheet put on and the flat sheet laid over the top at the right place. This is where it would be tucked underneath the mattress. Make sure you have enough sheet hanging over the other edge before pinning this in place! I set the sheet exactly where I wanted it while the mattress was still on the bed and then carefully stood the mattress on end to pin the back.

 Here you see that the fitted sheet in under there.
 Here's my line of pins going down the edge of the bed. Make sure to only catch the fitted sheet and flat sheet- not the mattress or any mattress coverings you have.
 After you've got just the long edge pinned, go sew that together on your sewing machine. This is pretty easy if only the corners of your fitted sheet have elastic. If the whole edge has elastic like mine did you'll have to battle the elastic the whole time. I had to make sure it was stretched out straight as I sewed. From this picture you probably can't tell much of anything. Oh well. Just be careful to sew only when the fabric is flat and smooth for a section.
Once you've got that edge sewn down put the sheets back on the mattress and pin down the area at the foot of the bed. (That's where I had to cut off excess sheet.)
When you sew this you'll want to sew from top to bottom and along the side. Like this:

---------> along that one little piece going left and right
V   Down this way along the foot of the bed too. Hopefully you can see that in the picture below.

Then put it on the bed and be amazed at how easy it is to make the bed now!
You can see that the fitted sheet is on top and perfectly lined up where it should go.
 I still have to help them put the pink blanket on top sometimes. Below you see what it looks like if I make it- obviously not the work of a 6 year old. ( :
But, she can grab the pink blanket and just lay it over the top pretty well most days. I think sewing one more thing on there would make it too bulky too wash- it would probably unbalance the washer. Also, I use this pink blanket with both their winter flannel sheets and their regular summer sheets, so I can't sew it onto just on of them.

I am thinking of sewing large buttons on the fitted sheet- 3 along the long back side. Then I could put buttonholes in the pink blanket and just button it onto the sheet! I'll let you know if I get around to that.

By the way, this bunkbed is wonderful! I have found it to be very sturdy. I ordered it from Amazon and got it delivered free to my front door. I pulled the boxes inside by myself and put the whole thing together myself except for the very end when I needed another person to help get the two ends attached to each other. I love that you can still fit long, flat boxes underneath to store items. The most important feature is that an adult can sit on the bed without hitting their head on the top bunk! That was one of the main things I was looking for. I wanted to be able to sit on the bed next to a child to talk to them, etc. Or for family prayer at night when I'm too pregnant to sit on the floor comfortably.

Try out this method if you have bunk beds and let me know if it works for you!


  1. That's a great idea! By the way, great shot of you. You look fantastic.

  2. I'm impressed! We have a set of bunkbeds, and they're my nemesis. I wish I could say I have the energy and desire to take your excellent advice concerning the sheets, but I'm unfortunately not that ambitious. Way to go, though!

  3. I love to see ideas that work--well done!

  4. Genius! We just bought a bunk bed for the boys and the sheets have been driving me crazy! I love this!


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